Home Improvement Tips Using Modern Furniture Hardware

While choosing furniture hardware for refurnishing your house, it is more that obvious that a person can get confused. Besides, remodeling a home is an expensive affair as well, especially if you are planning to integrate a new design or style into the interior of the abode. But however, to rescue you from all these spendings there are various ways to cut down on your home improvement expenditures. Though a new piece of furniture frames and headboards will be instrumental in giving your house a new look.

The Initial Step
Designing a well placed furniture plan is essential if you do not want to go wrong anywhere and want to meet your comfort as well as needs. You should also be clear about the style of the furniture that will best suit your room.

Replace Bulky Items And Save Space
This is the foremost step when remodeling your house. Replace bulky ancient furniture with streamlines modern furnishings that acquire less space are are easy to manage. Old furniture use up a lot of space and if your house is small then choose from a wide range multi purpose furniture. For example, use the Ottoman (storage + seat/foot rest) or Sofa bed that can perform the task of both sofa and bed. A modern style is more practical as they tend to be smaller and clean cut edges which do not hang out much and thus cuts down on the space they take up. Go for a bed that has storage compartments and brackets, so that there is more space for better use of wardrobe and drawer.

Plan Before Purchasing
There is no dearth in the furniture hardware industry for furniture supplies, so do not shop in a haste. If you have made up your mind to replace those big antique furnishings with latest sofa that has exquisite furniture legs, then be prepared to hover a little longer before you actually find the best piece. Keep in mind the measurement factor so that the furniture hardware compliments your room. Get a tape measure and start measuring the dimensions of the room so that you will know what size will best fit in it.

Consider the Design
This is also an important factor before purchasing the furniture hardware for your home. Modern furniture differs in the designs as per the taste of their designer. Some of the furniture that have modern tags might have a vintage look. So be clear about the design that will suit your home the most.

Cut Cost By Window Shopping
This is a must before you actually purchase the most coveted furniture piece. Make sure you do a window shopping of all the furniture outlets to have a feel of all the modern furniture available in the furniture hardware industry. Compare the prices of the same stuffs to make this activity cost effective. Also you can wait for the furniture shops and department stores in your area to go on sale or to put huge discounts on their furnishings before you start buying one for your very own.

Collecting Antique Items – An Interesting Hobby and Business Idea

Collecting antique items is one hobby for those who value special, rare or historic items. These are the items that have rare beauty, some unique feature or association with a renowned person, historic figure, event or period. These items may be pieces of art, scientific inventions or items found during excavations. Once may collect brass antiques or those made from other metals, stones or any other constituent.

Antique collection can prove to be a good business idea as well. Admirers for these items can be found in all parts of the world and they are ready to pay any price to own these wonderful items. If you wish to become an antique dealer, here are some tips that should help you understand the business importance of these items and plan a profitable antique business.

Why to Deal in Antiques?

No matter what the economic situation is, antiques never lose their worth and these items always keep people interested. Brass antiques, for example, include items like door hardware, candle stands, lamp bases, light fixtures and decors always inspire people to make investments. Value of antique items stays forever and their prices don’t drop significantly. This is the reason for more and more people becoming interested in antique business these days.

Items to Deal With

There are plenty of categories of antique items you can deal in. Clocks, lamps and mirrors are some of the preferred antique items. Antique furniture items like tables, chairs, wardrobes, dressers and cabinets are great items as well. Antique books and paintings are among other popular categories people take interest in. Brass antiques have a special consideration among antique buyers as they are quality items unaffected by passage of time.

Posters, currencies, maps, stamps and kitchenware are antique items one can make huge profit with. Appliances, phonographs, radios and antique vehicles are among the expensive antique items. You must conduct a survey and find more about antique items people are interested in.

Collecting Antique Items

There are many ways in which you can obtain old items for your antique store. Auctions are among the best sources to find brass antiques and antique items in other categories. You can also look for online auction websites where these items are available at lesser prices. Newspapers, magazines and journals too can help you find antiques from different parts of the world. You can find antique listings on the internet, but make sure you purchase from a reputed resource only.

These rare available items can be found and seen in museums, historical places and those regions which ave some history associated with it. These rare available items are most in demand for Indian & International markets.

Achieving Success in Old Items Business

Having a website to sell antiques online is the best idea you can think of. You must obtain items in different categories, like brass items, antique furniture, antique coins and others to entertain the interests of different buyers. A good idea is to keep in touch with your customers, ask for specific antique items they wish to purchase and keep them informed about new items through emails and newsletters.

You can use online business directories to promote your antique business as these directories act as global marketplaces and can help you find customers from all over the world. Make sure that you research a lot about each antique item you sell and keep the right price for it.

How to Replace Drawer Pulls on a Dresser

If you’re like a lot of people you have an old dresser or two that’s seen better days. Or maybe you like spending your weekends tromping through flea markets and garage sales looking for treasures or one-of-a-kind finds. Antique and vintage dressers can be a real steal, especially if they’re buried in layers of old paint or finish. Most people won’t want to bother with all the work of stripping and refinishing but you know a bargain when you see one. A little elbow grease (ok, maybe a lot of elbow grease) and some new drawer pulls and you’ll have a piece that’s worth at least ten times what you paid for it.

Of course a dresser doesn’t have to be old or valuable to benefit from a facelift and the real secret to any dresser makeover is in the hardware. It’s as easy as changing the old drawer pulls or knobs and you can find these at any home hardware store or home improvement center. If you’re working with a wardrobe, which is basically a dresser and closet combined, you can also find matching cabinet handles and hinges as well.

It’s Easy to Replace the Drawer Pulls and Knobs on Your Dresser

Replacing the drawer pulls on a dresser is a simple task. Just arm yourself with a screwdriver and you’re set to go. Most home hardware such as drawer pulls and cabinet handles are attached with Phillips head screws but if you have an antique piece the screws may just have a single slot. It’s important to remember that drawer pulls will generally have two attachment holes while knobs usually have just one. When replacing drawer pulls you’ll want to make certain your new pulls will line up with the same holes.

Make note of the length of the old screws. If the new ones are too long or too short you can always replace them with the right size screws. Just make sure they have the same thread size and diameter to fit the new drawer pulls or knobs. If you really want to change the style completely and the holes just aren’t going to line up with your new hardware, try looking for a matching back plate. Decorative back plates will let you drill a complete new set of holes while covering up the old ones.

Home Hardware Makes Dressers Versatile

When searching for your dresser hardware, you can use the same home hardware that you’d use for your kitchen and bath cabinet handles and drawer pulls. If you’re looking for a modern sleek look check out stainless cabinet handles and knobs. They’ll work just as well on a dresser and look great too. And remember dressers aren’t just for bedrooms.

Need a little extra storage in the bath? Take a small chest of drawers add stainless cabinet handles. It’s a great place for extra towels, shower and beauty products and hair driers and rollers.

Take an older dresser and a flea market table and chairs and paint every thing to match. Change the drawer pulls on the dresser, add a runner and you’ve just created a buffet and dining set. Dressers whether old or new are such versatile pieces of furniture and can be made to fit in almost any room of the home. What makes them even more versatile is the availability of almost limitless styles of cabinet handles and drawer pulls. So next time you’re out making the garage sale rounds and spy that lonely dresser, consider taking it home and let your imagination soar!

Storing And Displaying Your Jewelry

Do you have trouble trying to store jewelery without it getting all tangled, earrings separated from each other, tipping out your whole jewelery box just to find one piece of jewelery?? Well here are some tips for on storing your jewelery in a neat and decorative fashion.

Designing and selling jewelery both on a website and from home I need to be able to display my earrings in an organised and professional manner – I hope you can find some inspiration from the ideas below.

* Store earrings (hooks) around a wine glass for an instant neat and decorative look.

* A long string of pearls across the top of your mirror and hang your earrings in the gaps.

* A small storage box from the hardware shop, the ones that have little draws for nails etc. There are 16 draws so you know exactly where everything is.

* Store earrings on a long piece of ribbon and tack the ends onto the back of a dresser/wardrobe

* Use a corkboard, with pins on it and the earrings and necklaces hang off the pins. Or if you are feeling crafty you can decorate the frame of your cork board – remove the actual cork inside the frame, paint the frame and add some little decorations like sequins, beads, lace, ribbon etc staple a piece of mesh (tulle fabric or mesh from your hardware store) and staple that to the frame, this provides room to hold lots of earrings this idea also works with old picture frames as well. To hold necklaces and bracelets simply screw in some little hooks (you can get these from hardware shops) around the frame.

* Large clear bead containers that are round and screw on top of each other-they are fantastic for rings, beaded bracelets etc as you can see exactly what it is you want and if you don’t wear something for awhile it doesn’t get dusty. Nothing gets tangled either!!

* A roll of film which is damaged place the film horizontal across your shelf and hook your earrings on those little square holes that film has on the edge

* An ornate candelabra that to dangle earrings, necklaces and bracelets from you can sometimes pick these up cheaply at op shops.

* A decorative glass light fitting and then hang them around the edge just like you would on a drinking glass – you could pick up a cheap old light fitting at markets, garage sales etc and then you just dismantle it.

* Mug/cup holders from home wares shops are great for draping your jewelery on.

* A great idea for studs and brooches is to get a pretty piece of thick ribbon or lace then attach the jewelery through the material and you can hang it or pin it across ways near the rest of your jewelery.

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